What do horse sim players want?

Place where you can talk about horse sims and the players who play them! Can also talk about other horse games too. Can post anything as long as it pertains to horse sims or horse games related in general.
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What do horse sim players want?

Postby Unknownhero » Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:35 am

That is a question I ask myself about every month. Do they want another breeding game with as many breeds as possible and bloodlines. Do they want something fresh and exciting? Something new that challenges them on what makes a horse sim worth playing and paying for? Disciplines, what about them? You have a brand new young horse with plenty of promise and have her only do one thing in a covered arena. That is what I see often? Also breeding stock and having your stud breed other mares and that is it? Horses have been used throughout the centuries for many things and now we have reduced them down to a few things. I'm sure players want more than that. I think they want to be challenged with their horses. I think they want to go places with their horses and do things. Or is it players say they want to do those things and rather just breed their horses in a safe comfortable location?

I don't know. I do not have an answer to that. I hope they want more than what they are getting right now. So can you tell me players? What do horse simmers really want?
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Re: What do horse sim players want?

Postby pun » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:39 pm

Personally, I like having a lot of breeds available and color/genetic options to strive for. To me it creates a competitive edge not just for top statistics overall but also within a given breed/color group. I'm a highly competitive player. One of my primary goals when I truly throw myself into a game is to dominate with one particular breed before I aim even higher and try to hit the overall top player lists. There is, however, a line that can be crossed. At what point is it too many different breeds? I'm going to use Horse Isle as an example. I enjoy this game overall. The amount of breeds available in game is daunting and, quite honestly, one of the turns offs. If you take a moment and look at their breed list, you'll discover that at some point they ran out of true breeds to add so they've taken it upon themselves to "make up" additional breeds or, rather, call a horse of the same breed by a different name.

When I look at horse sims, I look for a simple style of game play. I've always been a fan of the older games like Horseland (before it's child geared days). I like a modern feel to it and I'm certainly not against new features. I've fiddled around in some newer horse games with features I've never seen before and absolutely loved them. I've also played some more radical and out of the box horse sims that I absolutely detested not because the game was poorly executed, but because the playing style was too complicated for a user lacking hours upon hours to sit playing on a daily basis.

I'm a fan of adventure. I'm going to once again use Horse Isle as an example. I love the fact that there's so much more to do aside from just buying, selling, breeding, training and showing. There are quests to complete and mini games to play. It's simple enough to play and complicated enough that you can't master the game in a day. It also caters to players of all ages (although some of the filters on the game drive me insane). Competitions are more than clicking a button and waiting for a rollover. Users actually have to practice and play to gain points and earn a profit. It's a game that gets you involved without having to take over your life.

New games of any genre need to think about this and take into consideration the market they're hoping to gain. If there's very little to do, players will spend five minutes performing their daily "chores" and logout. If there's too much to do, working adults and some dedicated students will lose interest almost immediately because they can't keep up. The trick is to find the balance. Don't require much, but offer a lot more as an optional way to further yourself as a player. Think about what has been done and what hasn't. Before implementing new features, think about how it will be received. If you can't look at it from all angles, discuss it with a good friend that will keep everything under wraps. If all else fails, run a poll. Let the people tell you how well it will be received.
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