Place where you can talk about horse sims and the players who play them! Can also talk about other horse games too. Can post anything as long as it pertains to horse sims or horse games related in general.
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Postby Unknownhero » Fri Jan 26, 2018 6:52 pm

How do they factor in a horse sim? Lets say you're playing a medieval game with horses and players want to do a discipline? Isn't that just a way of playing the game? If you only want to ride drafts and do dressage does that have to be a certain event for that? Or can you make up your own reasons for doing so?

Maybe players are way too expecting of horse games that are played in a post-automobile world and not in the pre-automobile world which horses were used far more for work than pleasure. Enlighten me. If you're training one horse to do a discipline, you also need a draft to haul your wagon to the event, and another horse for you to ride on for daily business. You don't use your best horse for that daily life. What if only wealthy players could afford to compete? What that upset some players until they get wealthy themselves?

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