Semi-Automated Sim Eventing Game Seeking Code [Short Term]

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Semi-Automated Sim Eventing Game Seeking Code [Short Term]

Postby cina » Thu Jan 15, 2015 4:25 pm

I am planning to open a semi-automated sim horse game for eventers only. The coder I have hired in the past has not responded to my email so I'm looking for someone else who can help me out. This is not a continuous position unless there are minor tweaks that need to be made in the future. Things I am looking to have coded are listed below. All payments would be made via paypal. I have a larger explanation of needs with descriptions, if you'd like that please PM me. Also PM me or email lmdequis-at-aol-dot-com if you'd be interested in this project.

- Admin login & moderator login (based on the job listed in player database - very very simple... ie: admin can approve pretty much anything, vet/farrier approves vet/farrier appointments, moderator can approve certain things, etc. Not a full back-end, just for approval/deletions of certain things)

- Player Database

- Horse Database (linked to vet/farrier and result tracking system which I sort of already have done)

- Gameplay Activity Rewards System (GAR - linked to player database)

- Bank (simple send/write/track checks and monies... would need to be linked to vet/farrier, GAR, and player database to make monthly payments for player job)

- Rider Database

- Competition Zone Database

- Tweaks to the already created show running & trackingsystem [need to add in riders, zones, and elimination score]

- Vet/Farrier

I think that is it on what is needed. Like I said, please PM or email if you want a more in-depth description. Half of the game is automated while the other half will be player based. I just want certain things made super simple for players!
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