Seeking Programmer to Discuss Options & Features

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Seeking Programmer to Discuss Options & Features

Postby SDrudge » Sun Oct 05, 2014 2:09 am

I am currently seeking a long term programmer. For the time being while the game is still under the art/planning mode of development, the programmer would be helping me with questions I have. Once all of the art and planning is finished, it will become a paid job so long as you have stayed loyal to answering questions and discussing options. Keep in mind, art and planning does in fact take some time, but I plan to stick with ONE programmer throughout the entirety of my SIM being online. 

I was originally going to hire Ablaze for this job as she quoted me at $500 for the basic shell and $700 with all of the features we had the time to discuss. I'm sure that price would be a little higher now with the features I have added, but that's understandable. Unfortunately, I (nor other people) have been able to contact Ablaze. 

If you are interested in this position, please private message me. The only reason I am preferring private messaging over comments is this: I have many features in mind that have not yet hit canine games and I would like to keep them to myself as much as possible. To test your knowledge, I'll ask you a few questions that I asked Ablaze and see how well you can describe to me what the process would be. 

I much prefer the idea of a lump sum rather than paying by the hour. Why? Being an artist, I charge a lump sum rather than by the hour because I know sometimes life gets in the way (whether it be family issues, moving houses, etc.) and the person who hired me is miles away and would have no clue if I was ACTUALLY working or not. Though I always worked when I had the time to get something done, I felt it made the partnership more trustworthy if I charged a flat rate for each image. 

I very much enjoy the price Ablaze gave me. $500 for the shell of the game (no features included, just the coding of the layouts to make it functional). I believe we discussed $25 per feature (since there will be A LOT of features) but if I decide to hire you we can work out the prices together. Keep in mind, I'm not rich and live paycheck by paycheck. If need be, we can work out a bi-weekly amount of pay, or even a monthly amount of pay to make it fair to both of us. 

I'm a very understanding person and I am in NO rush to get this game online. The more rushed, the more bugs, the more issues altogether. If you're in college and only have about 2 hours to code per day? That's fine. If you are a single mother and can only code while your children are at daycare? That's fine. I'm a very understanding and trusting person so long as I get the same treatment. 

Once this does become a paying job, you'll need to be over 18 to have a PayPal account OR you will need to live near a WalMart so I can do a WalMart Money Gram. 

If you have any questions about me to see if we will get along, feel free to ask anything. I'm a friendly and sarcastic person, I won't eat your face if you make a mistake or if you have to have some time off.
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