PIAFFE - The Dressage Sim - Now crowdfunding!

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PIAFFE - The Dressage Sim - Now crowdfunding!

Postby Mallory » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:34 pm


Train. Breed. Compete. From Training to Grand Prix.

There are hundreds of play-by-click horse sim games on the internet -- but how many are focused on the intensity and art of dressage? Enter Piaffe, a game promising to re-invent the concept of a discipline-based gaming experience. Breed, train, and compete your string of dressage horses with the aim to be come the best in the world. Train through the classical training pyramid, progress through the levels all the way up to Grand Prix, and dazzle your competition.

- Realistic genetics based on available breeds
- A robust list of international Warmblood breeds
- Training capabilities and potential genetically passed on from generation to generation
- Competition from Training Level, through to Grand Prix
- Extensive free gameplay opportunities, with upgraded options helping you excel further and faster
- Gorgeous art and design
- Gameplay design focused on building a strong in-game economy
- Select a country to represent at sign-up, and compete to rank amongst the top in your country -- or the world!

Now crowdfunding for a Spring 2018 alpha opening! Get early access for as little as $10 CAD
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Re: PIAFFE - The Dressage Sim - Now crowdfunding!

Postby pun » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:39 pm

This looks interesting.
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