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      15 Aug

    Sorry for being so inactive, been busy with switching dorms! D: I'll catch up, I promise!

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      11 Aug

    please move your brain so we can get to the drugs. and stop leaving it there. we've talked about this.

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      08 Aug

    I am going to be on and off for the next week. If i have to pay you for your work, please just send me a message and I will pay as soon as I can.

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Art Sales and Economy

General Game Chat Today, 07:57 AM
I know a lot of games allow players to sell art. Do you think this ever hurts the economy?   I feel like it tends to skew the economy in favor of artists, like talent to win instead of pay to win XD Obviously it doesn't completely disrupt the game in all cases. But how hurtful do you think i...
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Selling Rat Base

For Sale 26 Aug 2014
I am selling a Rat base, it was made as an example for an inquiring client. However, they did not want to proceed and thus I didn't finish it.   It comes with .PSD file including: shading, highlights, lines, base tail/leg colors, 2 base coat colors, and red eyes. All in layers that can be f...
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Looking for Starting Data Entry job c:

Staff Positions 24 Aug 2014
Hello everyone.   I'm thinking of polishing up my data entry skills (I've only done is occasionally, and I once did it for my dad at his job) but in order to polish up my skills, I actually need to be able to do it somehow!   I do have knowledge in excel, and I have knowledge in basic f...
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Framework of sims

General Game Chat 16 Aug 2014
Yesterday, I put up a survey for people to fill out a survey asking general questions about sims and petsites, and one of the responses got me thinking. What in your opinion is the basic framework of sims and what is the basic framework of petsites?
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css/html layout help

Want Ads 15 Aug 2014
I've been working on a new layout for my site rat realm, but have came across a few little issues with my css and possibly my html that is throwing some things off. I'm currently looking for someone who could look over it and see what's up with it and why it's not working the correct way. This is...
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Create Games, Build Communities GameFruit is a resource network for independent Persistent Browser-Based Games. Our mission is to support developers, promote games, and foster the genre community.

PBB what?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise. Persistent Browser-Based Games (PBBGs) are online games that:
  1. 1. Can be played entirely in a web browser (no downloads)
  2. 2. Feature “live” components – game elements that continue to update, grow, or change even when the player is not logged in (“persistent”)
  3. 3. Are designed to be played over an extended length of time
At GameFruit we focus primarily on simulation and pet games that are independently owned and developed.

Why indie?

Our genre is built almost entirely by independent developers who fell in love with PBBGs as players. They are uniquely connected to the community, and because of that their business practices are also unique. We think that's pretty darn awesome - absofruitly awesome, in fact.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about?

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