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      16 Jul

    I missed Siminar this year, but i was having very sad Issues regarding family. Have no fear, Lycaon will be back in Siminar 6!

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      26 Jun

    Hoping to reopen Rat Trails this fall.

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Let Me Help Help You (Programmer for Hire)

Commissions 16 Jul 2014
I urgently need some money really bad so I am offering my programming services to anyone who needs them as I do not get my next check until Aug 1st.   I need to renew my hosting which is month to mont and I need to renew my domain oRPGCreator.com which expires really soon and is like my baby...
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Misc art sale: Canine lines + misc sketches

For Sale 16 Jul 2014
Selling whatever I find as I go that I don't need, so things will likely be added. Paypal only, may haggle.   Lines - $10 each   American Eskimo Dog   Croatian sheepdog    Flat Coated Retriever   Sketches   Raccoon $4 Dog + fox $3    
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Hey! Forum things!

Headquarters 16 Jul 2014
I make the best topic titles ever..   I have started (hopefully) the domain transfer from where Frivi have hosted GF and to my own (GoDaddy) so hopefully that will work!  I will renew the forum as soon as I can, same with domain.    There might be a bit of a downtime during al...
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Introductions 14 Jul 2014
So I never actually did this, though I joined GF almost a year ago, and I was on PSU before that.   I go by Argent on most sims, the exception being FP where I'm Brenna. I might have different names on other sims that I haven't played in ages, but that's not really relevant I suppose. I've j...
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Siminar Prize: $100 of Custom Art from ArtThistle

For Sale 14 Jul 2014
ArtThistle gave me permission to trade her service, but if this isn't appropriate, let me know. $100 worth of custom art from ArtThistle. (Asking for $50 worth of HWO special currency, paid through its PayPal. Be sure to state the the payment is "for Argent, in exchange for ArtThistle prize" or s...
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Create Games, Build Communities GameFruit is a resource network for independent Persistent Browser-Based Games. Our mission is to support developers, promote games, and foster the genre community.

PBB what?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise. Persistent Browser-Based Games (PBBGs) are online games that:
  1. 1. Can be played entirely in a web browser (no downloads)
  2. 2. Feature “live” components – game elements that continue to update, grow, or change even when the player is not logged in (“persistent”)
  3. 3. Are designed to be played over an extended length of time
At GameFruit we focus primarily on simulation and pet games that are independently owned and developed.

Why indie?

Our genre is built almost entirely by independent developers who fell in love with PBBGs as players. They are uniquely connected to the community, and because of that their business practices are also unique. We think that's pretty darn awesome - absofruitly awesome, in fact.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about?

Let's Get Fruity