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      27 Jul

    Leave it to Gabby to come and fix the TG. That is a flawless Program team: Gabby and Ablaze :)

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      27 Jul

    "get $10 when you spend $30 on bluetooth speakers" that...means you've spent $20 on bluetooth speakers?

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      25 Jul

    I'm out. This just isn't a place i want to associate with anymore. Have fun, guys!

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      23 Jul

    Just a general question: how much would you pay for a programmer? Not a programmer that is exceptional, just for the average one? c:

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Smowk - Style and Abstract [canine/equine]

Commissions 29 Jul 2014
My typical style generally isn't what most people look for on this forum I suppose, but I am currently in dire need of funds and am hoping to find commissions somewhere. My pricing ranges from $5 - 20, generally, depending on characters complexity, detail in painting, background, etc. and I can g...
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"gamefruit" appearing above tagline in homepage

Headquarters 29 Jul 2014
I'm seeing this on Firefox for linux mint 1.0. I hope it's visible here, if not tell me and i'll circle it.
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Seeking Long-term Programmer

Want Ads 27 Jul 2014
Paka Sanura is a breeding game that was first released in 2012. Currently, the site is closed as we work on revamping it. Unfortunately, the programmer we had has fallen through and so we are looking for someone new. We are looking for a full recode of the site. You would be expected to stay on t...
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How to Start Your Own Game Tutorial

Gamer Life 27 Jul 2014
Have you been interested in starting your own game? Maybe you have an idea and you want to make it work, but don't know how? Don't fret, a number of people are here to help! I've been collecting questions and answers from people to help put together a tutorial for starting your first game. I'd li...
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Realistic Artist Wanted

Want Ads 26 Jul 2014
Item Artist - ($3-$5 USD per item) - Our item artist will provide several items to be layered on top of previously drawn, realistic artwork.   Requirements: Ability to match a realistic style. A greyscale PSD must be provided, we will pay extra if recolors are needed. Approx. 50 items curren...
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Create Games, Build Communities GameFruit is a resource network for independent Persistent Browser-Based Games. Our mission is to support developers, promote games, and foster the genre community.

PBB what?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise. Persistent Browser-Based Games (PBBGs) are online games that:
  1. 1. Can be played entirely in a web browser (no downloads)
  2. 2. Feature “live” components – game elements that continue to update, grow, or change even when the player is not logged in (“persistent”)
  3. 3. Are designed to be played over an extended length of time
At GameFruit we focus primarily on simulation and pet games that are independently owned and developed.

Why indie?

Our genre is built almost entirely by independent developers who fell in love with PBBGs as players. They are uniquely connected to the community, and because of that their business practices are also unique. We think that's pretty darn awesome - absofruitly awesome, in fact.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about?

Let's Get Fruity