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      17 Nov

    i leave too early in the morning and don't eat. i should just drink soda in the shower

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      03 Oct

    Just discovered there are 2 strains of Labrador Retrievers. 0.o English & American/Field

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Looking to add a second programmer for Tails of the Heart ~

Want Ads 05 Dec 2014
We have a main programmer, but we are seeking a reliable second programmer for heart-tails.com to speed up the process.    If you're interested in the position please email admin@heart-tails.com and things will be worked out from there.    
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Auctioning Custom Model

Miscellany 01 Dec 2014
I was working on a repaint and decided I didn't like the body style for the horse it was originally going to be, so it has turned into a "Your Horse Here" auction. The auction can be found on deviantart here. If you are going to bid, please reply to the previous high bid (if you have a DA)....
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Seeking Short Term Work - Need Work ASAP

Commissions 25 Nov 2014
Hey all! This is cross-posted on VPL.   Hey GF community! It's been a while since I've offered services - I've been so busy with my own game and my son. However, our income just got cut by over 30% at home and we need some extra cash to pay our bills and whatnot.  I'm offering to do sho...
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Pasture Decorating Contest Voting on Horse World Online

General Game Chat 22 Nov 2014
Pasture Decorating Contest We're holding a pasture decorating contest on Horse World Online and we'd like to invite guests to vote on the best decorated pasture.   Check out the entries here and vote for your favourite     Barn Interiors I'm excited to share that barn interiors are...
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Age of Aleria

General Game Chat 13 Nov 2014
So I just found out about this. It's not my game and I am not associated with it, but it looks like an interesting project and I'll definitely be keeping an eye on it!   https://www.facebook.com/ageofaleria   Age of Aleria is a sim game based on the popular HARPG breed Nordanners. They...
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Create Games, Build Communities GameFruit is a resource network for independent Persistent Browser-Based Games. Our mission is to support developers, promote games, and foster the genre community.

PBB what?

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, we promise. Persistent Browser-Based Games (PBBGs) are online games that:
  1. 1. Can be played entirely in a web browser (no downloads)
  2. 2. Feature “live” components – game elements that continue to update, grow, or change even when the player is not logged in (“persistent”)
  3. 3. Are designed to be played over an extended length of time
At GameFruit we focus primarily on simulation and pet games that are independently owned and developed.

Why indie?

Our genre is built almost entirely by independent developers who fell in love with PBBGs as players. They are uniquely connected to the community, and because of that their business practices are also unique. We think that's pretty darn awesome - absofruitly awesome, in fact.

Want to see what all of the fuss is about?

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